Can Athletes Perform Well on a Vegan Diet?

Can Athletes Perform Well on a Vegan Diet !!!

Fitness Models Meal Planning  The Vegan Way, My Way

I begin this blog with hindsight, the what it takes to prepare for a fitness model comp….this time only plant-based, Vegan! Yes, I said this time…. I competed over 20 years ago, as a carnivore at 19 years old, back then I was an instructor, a trainer, the traditionally educated fitness leader, the meat and dairy industry funded and educated way – aka – the only way…starving and depriving my way to the stage! My memories of doing the fitness/muscle shaping comps are tragic, the hardest thing, the most depressing thing I had ever done til this time around. True Story…. Sure it was great on the day.  We’ve got articles below , hope you find it useful! Please put some…



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