3 Reasons Why Green Smoothies Are Really Great To Help You Lose Weight

3 Reasons Why Green Smoothies Really are Great to Help you Lose Weight

green smoothies help you lose weight

Undeniably, no drink or food is a sure guarantee for weight loss.  If the volumes of calories you consume are still more than those that you burn, your exertions to achieve weight loss will be hopeless. You should be able to discover a way to regularly burn calories by consistently exercising and sticking to a healthy diet. Following a healthy diet means eating the right kinds of food and drinking healthy drinks such as green smoothies.  In this article we  list the 3 reasons why, green smoothies help you lose weight.


By Green smoothies we mean a blended drink that contains leafy greens, vegetables, healthy fats and fruits. A health fat can include coconut, flax, hemp seeds and almonds. Leafy greens could include parsley, mint, Swiss or rainbow chard, kale and spinach. The ingredients can and do often vary, depending on the individuals’ personal taste. Sometimes people use all raw, fresh ingredients, while others use frozen fruits to create green smoothies with a denser smoothness not dissimilar to that of an ice cream. However, the best smoothies for weight loss usually contain only a very few ingredients such as vegetables, fruits and greens only.


green smoothies help you lose weight
Green Smoothies Great for Weight loss

1 They are very low in calories.


Very often, the ingredients used to create green smoothies are a combination of whole foods that are low in calories. Thus, they are considered to be the ultimate drinks for weight loss. Crisps and biscuits or other high-calorie snacks or foods can be very tempting but, to drink green smoothies as opposed to taking a snack on super calorific foods is an intelligent strategy to aid your weight loss.


2 They can stop you feeling thirsty.


Many experts claim that most people fail to drink 8 glasses of water every day.  Some of us, let’s be honest most of us, like the taste of sweet fizzy drinks or high-calorie drinks much more than plain water, so they tend to purchase these drinks more often.  Also, a lot of people will choose drinks other than just plain water to sate their thirst. These drinks mainly contain copious amounts of sugar and large amounts of calories that can lead to weight gain. By making your own smoothie, you can certainly add more water into it. Just in doing this, you are able to drink more water and this in itself should reduce your cravings for sweet or super-calorific drinks.


3 Green Smoothies are very satisfying and fill you up.


The vegetables and fruits that make up in your green smoothie are not only low in calories but also contain high amounts of fiber. By consistently including green smoothies in your diet every day, you will steadily lose weight. The USDA claims that eating more veggies and fruits will help you avoid becoming overweight and obese. Additionally, based on research a review that was published in the 2005, claimed a diet containing high fiber is important in maintaining a healthy weight. Due to the substantial amounts of water and fiber found in green smoothies, they really are the best examples of drinks that are both satisfying and very filling. They can keep you from feeling hungry for long periods of time. For this reason, you will have, most probably want to eat less as your cravings will be reduced.  Therefore, many people that are successful with their weight loss enjoy drinking green smoothies.

green smoothies help you lose weight
To make green smoothie you need some really green vegetables
green smoothies help you lose weight
Healthy fats in coconuts help weight loss in green smoothies


So we’ve shared the 3 reasons why green smoothies help you lose weight and now we would love to here what your favourite Green Smoothie recipe is or, do you have another take on using smoothies as part of your weight loss programme.







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